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At Dawson Law Firm, LLC, we strive to keep our clients and the public updated with the most recent information about injury and contract law. These videos are not meant to be legal advice, but simply to further our mission of helping the public be informed about their rights under Missouri law.

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Workers’ Compensation 101

Workers’ Compensation Claim – reviewing the basics part 2.

Workers’ Compensation 101

Workers’ Compensation Claim – reviewing the basics part 1.

Why I don’t talk to insurance adjustors on the phone

Talking on the phone to insurance adjustors is a waste of time. I also like to keep everything in writing – the correspondence can be used as evidence in trial if needed.

Improper claims pratices

What can insurance companies do and not do? Improper claims practice outlines 15 points of things they cant do – the overarching theme is the length of the claim.

The importance of Consulting with an Attorney

I can’t stress the importance of consulting with an attorney if you have a motor vehicle accident claim.

Comparative Fault and Damages

Do you know the relationship between comparative fault & damages? Let me explain!

An update on work

Last week I was so lucky to spend time with fellow female attorneys. It is motivating and refreshing to get to spend time with my peers who inspire me.

Do I have to accept an offer from my insurance company?

99.9% of the time your insurance company will not take the offer away!

Duty to cooperate with your insurance company.

You have a contract with your insurance company – what do you have to do to fulfill that?

Can I hire an attorney after I start negotiations? 

If you have been handling a claim by yourself, you can still reach out to an attorney. I can come in and take over the negotiations with the insurance company!

Good news on an uninsured motorist claim!

Sometimes cases can take longer than expected, don’t give up hope!

What if I get a traffic ticket from a car accident?

If a car accident isn’t your fault, did you know you can still get a ticket? 

Your case didn’t settle … now what?

We will file a lawsuit – don’t worry, I walk you through every step!

Update with Covid-19

St. Louis County and St. Louis City updates on mask mandates due to Covid-19.

Insurance, Third Party Bad Faith

What is insurance bad faith as related to third party insurance? Bad faith on behalf of an insurance company and a third-party claim occurs when a client is clearly injured.

Minors in a Motor Vehicle Accident

I have actually represented a lot of minors in a motor vehicle accident. Find out how it works, what is different and why.

Skimming the surface of Tort Reform

Tort reform limits the amount that victims can receive in the civil justice system.

Want to learn about sovereign immunity?

You can not sue a police department, fire department, etc. without certain exceptions in Missouri Law. Learn more about what this means.

What are contingency fees? 

Are you wondering how personal injury attorneys get paid? Spoiler: we only get paid if you do. 

Q&A With Shannon

Have a cup of coffee and get your questions answered! I’m discussing the most commonly asked questions. 

Learn a little bit about me!

Learn about your favorite personal injury attorney.

What is the difference between a claim and a lawsuit?

You file a claim before you have a lawsuit – we try to settle your claim before we file a lawsuit. Learn more about the difference and when you would use a claim or a lawsuit!

Why Hire Dawson Law Firm

What are the benefits of working with a small law firm?

Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Overlapping

Did you know that you can have both a workers comp. claim and a third-party insurance claim? Learn more about how this could occur.

Recorded Statements (part 2)

Recorded statements for your insurance company after an accident.

Recorded Statements (part 1)

Recorded statements with insurance companies. Why does an insurance company request a recorded statement of your version of an accident?

Update on COVID & Personal Injury Law

There is a lot of unknown right now with how COVID-19 is going to impact statutes. Get the latest updates from me on what is going on from a personal injury law standpoint.

What does full coverage auto insurance mean?

Full coverage to the average person usually means you have liability coverage, comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. Did you know there are more types of coverage that are recommended?

Learn about depositions.

If a personal injury case goes to trial, it is the plaintiff (injured party) and their attorney’s burden to provide evidence showing an injury was caused by the defendant’s negligence. In other words, this evidence is used to…

What is a release?

In my practice, a release is a form insurance sends to an induvial to sign so they will dismiss whatever claim they have against them.

My first deposition in 6 months!

With COVID-19 everything was delayed! It felt so great to be back and advocating for my clients. 

What happens if an injury aggravates a pre-existing condition?

The simple answer is that it can complicate things, but it should not prevent fair compensation recovery in your injury case.

Medical Payment Coverage

This coverage is optional on your auto policy and not required. The most common amounts of med pay are between $1k and $5k. It can, however, be much higher.  Not all policies are created equal. Some insurance companies make their med pay “excess coverage” and only pay for out of pocket expenses once health insurance has paid its portion. Be sure to have an experienced attorney review your policy and let you know your rights.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM))

If you have a liability policy in Missouri, you have UM coverage.  Be sure to have an attorney review your policy as some terms, definitions and requirements differ between companies.

No Pay No Play Law.

This is also known as RSMo 303.390. There are a few exceptions to this law such as if you are hit by a driver that was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, not all insurance companies strictly adhere to the implementation of this law, but most do.  As always, contact an experienced plaintiff’s personal injury attorney to let you know your rights.


This can be a helpful took for both parties in order to resolve the case before trial.

First Party Claim

My personal favorite area of law. This is when you have a claim against your OWN insurance company.  Insurance companies have a duty to treat their insureds fairly and reasonably. Shocker, often times they do not. However I guess if they always did I would not have a job.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM)

Unlike uninsured motorist coverage (UM), this is not automatically included in all policies. Often times there is a “setoff” from the amount paid by the underlying carrier (third party). It can get pretty muddy depending on your policy language, making it nearly impossible for an insured to recover the true amount of their policy they paid for.  Like always, call an experienced personal injury attorney to read your policy and let you know your rights.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

This is a very short version that just barely skims the surface of the complexity of workers compensation claims, but it gives you the general idea. For example, if a claim is denied, your attorney will fight to get your medical bills paid for in addition to your wages and your settlement. Also, after you treat with your employer’s doctors, you can go to a doctor of your choosing if it’s necessary

Homeowners Insurance

What if you have damages that your insurance company isn’t properly fixing? We recently solved this issue for one of our clients and I couldn’t be happier! I love it when my clients are satisfied, that is what drives the work at Dawson Law Firm!

Corporate Representatives

What happens when you sue a company, entity, or organization? Depending on their structure, they must designate a corporate representative to testify on their behalf. They are essentially the voice and face of the company at trial. Many times the representative is not prepared for their list of topics, which of course makes the deposition more fun…or frustrating.

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